Ice fishing on Lake Superior

Ice fishing is probably the most popular form of fishing, especially in places that have harsh winter conditions. Ice fishing is extremely popular in Wisconsin because of the cold but comfortable winter weather of the place. Lake Superior is probably one of the most famous places for ice fishing. In the past, Lake Superior is usually dead lake with literally no life in it until winter. When the cold weather hits, all the fish swim back to Lake Superior because it is comfortable for them there. This is definitely a great opportunity for anglers in the area to take advantage of! It is possible for anglers to catch a lot of different types of fish under the ice, you just need the patience and a great fishing ice chair to ensure your comfort. You can get trout, whitefish, and lakers in Lake Superior during the winter. And those are only a fraction of the kinds of fish you can get.


What are some of the things ice anglers should know? Beginners have to make sure that they have the right equipment. They will need drills, carrying dear, ice fishing electronics used to help track the fish, and of course the fishing rod. Once you have everything on hand, then you’ll have no problem catching a lot of fish under the ice. Of course, ice fishing will take a different set of skills and techniques as compared to regular fishing.

Other places where you can ice fish in Wisconsin aside from Lake Superior are Lake Winnebago, Petenwell Flowage, Lake Waubesa, and Lake Kegonsa. These lakes are also teeming with fish during the winter just like Lake Superior. These lakes are very wide which means that you will have a lot of area to cover. If you want to try ice fishing in Wisconsin, then Lake Superior should definitely be on the top of your list of places to visit followed by these other lakes as well.


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